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Perspective: Transforming medical education through informatics


n the United States and around the world there have been massive changes in the way that health care is evolving – the way that we deliver care, the models of care, the concept of the interprofessional team, the system of care as a network that extends increasingly outside of the hospital much more than in, population and global care, and evidence-based medicine. We are challenged to keep up with our education system’s “adaptivity” in this dynamic environment. At the same time the disruptive effects of technological advances are dramatically accelerating and will challenge the way that healthcare providers, schools teaching young doctors, and patients themselves will experience and understand clinical data. There are emerging technologies that will be implemented around the world, almost instantly; whereas, these analogs in the past took decades to spread globally. T

riola M. Innovations in Global Medical and Health Education 2014:4 igmhe.2014.4